Sambadi Majumder Instrumental Metal Takeover

Artist Press Release

November 28,2017-Unseen and Beyond Out Now FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Hessen, Germany – November 27, 2017 – Playing in a handful of bands in India, Sambadi Majumder knew it was time to move on when the metal scene wasn’t shaping up like he’d hoped. With that and an education waiting for him elsewhere, he packed his bags and headed to Germany. Two years later he’s settled into a new locale and has his debut out. Unseen and Beyond is just the tip of the iceberg that is Sambadi Majumder as he’s already working on the follow up for 2018. Narrating musical compositions void of lyrics may sound obscure, but it’s how music was first made. Instrumentals allow for the listener to interpret the story any way they want, which has always been the goal of Sambadi Majumder. He notes, “That sort of gives the listener a blank canvas to work on and interpret the meaning of the music in their own way,” adding, “Although the theme of the particular track might be set by the title of the track and might give a certain amount of direction to the listener in terms where to start the thought process, the ambiguity of the music itself lets the listener interpret a unique meaning within the confined walls of the theme of the track.” Interpreting their own journey, listeners and critics alike have enjoyed Sambadi Majumder’s Unseen and BeyondThe Ark of Music raved, “…an articulate, complex, and artistically crafted concept album.”Also noting, “Unique. Tireless. Painstaking. As a recording artist myself, these are the words that came to mind as I listened to this incredibly talented artist’s first release.”