The Questions We Never Ask

We may have many answers, but do we ask the right questions?
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My name is Spencer Cathcart and in this short film called “The Questions We Never Ask” I question our treatment of life on this planet. This is my first serious short since “The Lie We Live” in 2015.

Caution: My video contains some graphic images from factory farms for educational purposes.

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“The Questions We Never Ask” © Spencer Cathcart 2016

Licensed Music:
“Irradiated” – Goran Dragas – Audiomachine
“Enigma” – Danny Cocke – Position Music
“Touch the Light” – Thomas-Robert Habuda – Audiomachine

Below are titles for my film in other languages:

– Fragen die wir nie stellen (German)
– Hiç Sormadığımız Sorular (Turkish)
– Questões que nunca fazemos/Las preguntas que nunca hacemos/ Las Preguntas que Nunca Piden (Spanish)
– ئەو پرسیارێن ئەم چ جاران نەکەین (Kurdish)
– La question que l’on ne pose jamais (French)
– الاسئلة التي لانطرحها ابدا (Arabic)
– Pytania, Których Nigdy Nie Zadajemy (Polish)
– 我們從來不問的問題 (Chinese)
– Spørgsmålene vi ikke stiller (Danish)
– De Vragen Die We Nooit Stellen (Dutch)
– Le Domande Che Non ci Chiediamo Mai (Italian)
– As perguntas que nunca perguntamos (Portuguese)
– Pitanja KOJA NE Postavljamo (Serbian)
– Pitanja koja nikada ne postavljamo (Croatian)
– Kysymykset joita emme koskaan kysy (Finnish)
– Οι ερωτήσεις που ποτέ δεν κάνουμε (Greek)
– Otázky, které si nikdy nepokládáme (Czech)
– Вопросы, что мы никогда не задае (Russian)
– Klausimai kurių niekada neklausiam (Lithuanian)


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